Andrey Semashkin won the Cup of “Beringia unity” in Kamchatka

04.03.2017 23:05:19 (GMT+12)

Andrey Semashkin won the Cup of “Beringia unity” in Kamchatka
The musher from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatka, four-time champion of “Beringia” race Andrey Semashkin became a winner of the “Beringia unity” Cup in the village of Esso in Kamchatka.  He was the first who passed 10 km distance and showed the best time among the mushers, who are starting the “Beringia-2017” race tomorrow.

The Cup of “Beringia unity” established in 2017 was awarded to the winner by the Governor of Kamchatka Kray Vladimir Iluhin.

Along with the Kamchatka mushers, two sportsmen from Chukotka are going to pass the extreme route of “Beringia-2017”. Their participation is a training before a race, which will link Kamchatka Kray and Chukotka Autonomous Okrug in 2018.

Festive opening program of “Beringia-2017” took place on the territory of sport complex “Olengende”.

The start of the main run of “Beringia-2017” will be set off in the morning on 5 March.

Text and photo: Press Office of the Governor and the Government of Kamchatka Kray.

Translated by Marina Barannik.