A multimedia display devoted to Kamchatka opened in Moscow

03.03.2017 08:09:14 (GMT+12)

A multimedia display devoted to Kamchatka opened in Moscow
A multimedia exhibition “Kamchatka. The end of the earth through the eyes of Vladimir Medvedev and Ulrike Ottinger” has started its work in Moscow. The display is based on photographs of the peninsula and videos created with the help of the most modern technologies by famous Russian photographer Vladimir Medvedev as well as films about Kamchatka of well-known German artist and filmmaker Ulrike Ottinger.

The Governor of Kamchatka Kray Vladimir Iluhin has sent a salutation to the organizers and guests of the exhibition: “This exhibition gives everyone a unique opportunity to see the wild nature of Kamchatka and learn the way of life and the culture of inhabitants of the peninsula. I strongly believe that such projects contribute to the development of tourism in our region both in Russia and abroad, draw the attention to protection of unique Kamchatka nature and increase the interest in the culture of indigenous peoples of the North”.

Photos: Press Office of the Governor and the Government of Kamchatka Kray.


Translated by Marina Barannik.