1917 in Kamchatka

10.02.2017 06:27:31 (GMT+12)

1917 in Kamchatka
It is the 100 years anniversary of one of the main events in 20th century – the Great October Socialist Revolution (its official name in the Soviet Union) – in Russia this year.

This theme is at the center of attention of scientist, politicians and those who are interested in Russian history. Nowadays, different opinions are expressed, but there are no unconcerned people.

How was it happening in Kamchatka in 1917? The authorial project of a writer, journalist and historian Alexander Smyshlayev is devoted to this issue on the website “Poluostrov Kamchatka” (http://www.poluostrov-kamchatka.ru/).

Alexander Smyshlayev is the Head of Kamchatka branch of the Russian Writer’s Union. He has been studying the history, economic and culture of Kamchatka for a long time.

Digests of the main materials will be also released in English.

Translated be Marina Barannik.