A new check-in system at the main Kamchatka airport

10.02.2017 06:25:43 (GMT+12)

A new check-in system at the main Kamchatka airport
The service system of departing flights has been changed at the international airport “Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky”. Now there is a new check-in system, which has greatly reduced the time required for the registration process.

“Soon, there will be a competition for investor that will construct a new building of the airport. Target constructing period is 3 years. However, in order it will be convenient for our Kamchatka passengers and guests during this period, we have decided to modernize the current building. In general, we have great impression. I hope inhabitants and guests of Kamchatka will appreciate it. This is an essential development in advance of following holiday and tourist season”, - said Vladimir Iluhin, the Governor of Kamchatka Kray.

Five check-in desks have been set in the main hall for the convenience of the passengers. There is a special modern Spanish-produced equipment installed in each desk. Flight registration process is completely automated: the software provides quick registration of a passenger and issues a boarding card. There are also a new customs equipment: checking luggage passes through the new X-ray machine.

The departure lounge on the second floor was renewed.  A new café “Polet” was opened, where one can taste Kamchatka delicacy. Ticket offices were reconstructed.

Translated by Marina Barannik.